Eugene votes in favor of plastic bag ban, opposes coal trains

EUGENE, Ore. - It was a packed house at the Eugene City Council meeting Monday night as the city council voted on two heated issues.

At the end of the night, the council decided to pass a plastic bag ban and they opposed bringing coal trains through Eugene.

The Eugene City Council voted 6 to 2 in favor of banning plastic bags.

Council members don't know when that ban will go into effect.

Lane County Management said the plastic bags are recyclable, but the number of bags they actually see recycled is going down.

They expect more people are throwing them away and sending them to landfills.

Also on the agenda Monday night, the Eugene City Council voted 5 -3 to discourage coal trains from passing through Eugene.

There is a plan to bring coal trains from Wyoming to Coos Bay through the city, but the agreement isn't official yet.

However, the Eugene City Council decided to vote against it anyways.

Some council members said they are not sure if they have the authority to ban the trains since it's regulated by the federal government, and treated this vote as a symbolic message.