Eugene to 'slurry seal' streets this week

EUGENE, Ore. - Expect to see more cones, closures, and workers out on the residential streets of Eugene this week.

Starting Tuesday, city crews will start "slurry sealing" 16 roads around town.

That's a life-extending treatment the city does each year to fill cracks and seal streets that have low traffic use. It also protects pavement from oxidation which can lead to brittleness and cracking.

Eric Jones with Eugene Public Works says they seal the roads every four or five years to prevent potholes and other expensive repair work. "This type of a treatment because it's cost effective, it doesn't take long and it does work.. As long as there's not heavy traffic flowing on it," he said.

Roads will be closed for up to eight hours during the slurry sealing.

Scheduled for treatment on Tuesday, Aug. 5, are 4th Avenue west of Wallis Street, 5th Avenue east of Wallis Street, 14th Avenue from Acorn Park to Buck Street, 20th Avenue from City View to McKinley Street, Buck Street cul de sac, McKinley Street south of 19th Avenue, and Soloman Loop.

Scheduled for treatment on Aug. 6 or Aug. 7: Breezewood Avenue, Chaucer Way, Greiner Street, Josh Street, Pam Street, Shelton Avenue, Stansby Way, Strathmore Place, and Sunrise Boulevard south of Broadview.