Eugene snow emergency: Move parked cars off main roads

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene Public Works has declared an ice-snow emergency, effective immediately, the City of Eugene said Friday morning.

Eugene Police have been working to respond to numerous traffic crashes: between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., at least 32 car crashes were reported in Eugene.

During ice-snow emergencies, on-street parking on priority transportation routes is banned.


The ban allows emergency vehicles and snow-removal equipment to travel safely on roadways to respond to emergency situations.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks abutting their properties.

On Thursday night, crews de-iced these roadways and they are currently plowing and sanding.

City of Eugene Public Works opened its Emergency Command Center at 1820 Roosevelt Blvd. at 4:30 a.m. Friday in response to the snow that blanketed the south end of the Willamette Valley overnight.

Motorists are advised to drive cautiously.

Roads are described as "messy," and the potential for trees and power lines to create dangerous situations, the City of Eugene said.

Roads are expected to be icy through the weekend. Traction devices are recommended.

The leaf collection is temporarily suspended and Public Works anticipates being back on schedule December 9.

Snow and Ice Plans

Eugene and Springfield both publish snow and ice response maps that detail the priority roads for plowing and de-icing.

Lane County put out a 47-page tome describing which county routes get what kind of treatment during a snow and ice event.

Bus routes

Lane Transit District will operate as normal, except in areas where snow and ice cause bus travel to be unsafe.

Just in case LTD has to use its snow routes, the transit agency publishes information about bus lines that require snow routes.


92 (LCC Closed) | 92 (LCC Open)

Bus 91 McKenzie Bridge

Bus 85 LCC/Springfield

Bus 82 LCC/Pearl | Bus 81 LCC/Harris

Bus 76 UO/Warren | Bus 73 UO/Willamette

Bus 33 Jefferson

Bus 27 Fairmount

Bus 24 Donald