Eugene sees hottest Cinco de Mayo in 60 years

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene should be 65 degrees this time of year.

Instead, Sunday was the hottest Cinco de Mayo in 60 years.

On Sunday, the mercury climbed to 86, tying the record for May 5 set in 1953.

Salem also tied its record hight of 87, last set in 1992.

Astoria on the northern Oregon Coast shattered the record high for May 5, hiting 85. The previous record of 75 was set in 1931.

The heat comes on top of an unusually dry spring.

Barely 6 1/2 inches of rain have fallen at the Eugene Airport since January 1.

The long-term average rainfall for the same period is over 21 inches, more than 3 times this year's actual rainfall.

The hot, dry weather added up to an early start to fire season: fires broke out across Western Oregon over the weekend, with one veteran firefighter saying conditions look more like August than May.