Eugene Roadster Show: 'It's more about relationships than anything'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Lane County came out in full force for the 8th annual Eugene Roadster Show Saturday, checking out the dozens of featured custom and classic rides from the northwest and beyond.

KVAL's Nicole Comstock went out to the show and met up with the team that transformed one of the classics, a 1955 Chevy Nomad, into a work of art.

Glen Jahnke and Tommy Carr call their collaboration the Mad Mod, named for the numerous modifications that turned the classic into a fully customized car.

"You can go wherever, you're not gonna find another car like this. This is our creation, we're proud of it," said Jahnke. "I delivered my car, and five years later - here it is."

Much like building a car, Co-owner of the Eugene Roadster Show Dennis Burri said building the roadster was a labor of love.

"They bond, you know, they bond together waxing their cars and talking about their cars. It's more about relationships than anything else, really," Burri said.

Dennis said it's not just the owner/builder relationship, as fathers bring their sons to the Roadster Show all the time.

"They get hooked on it, like what they see, so they think that maybe its something down the road they'd like to do," said Burri.

The Roadster Show will continue on Sunday, March 31.