Eugene Police issue 9 illegal fireworks citations

EUGENE, Ore. -- The 165 total illegal fireworks calls that poured into the Eugene Police Department kept officers busy well into the night, Sergeant Ron Tinseth said.

Police contacted 68 of those calls, citing nine people under the city's newly enacted fireworks ordinance.

"A lot of times the officers were responding to these, they would try to get voluntary compliance and let people know about the changes in the law," said Tinseth.

The department received an average of 185 fireworks calls during the last six Independence Days. This year they received 20 fewer calls than the average - and nearly 85 fewer, than last year.

Police say adding two enforceable fireworks ordinances helped make for a safer Fourth of July.

One of those ordinances limits the use of fireworks to December 31 and January 1, and June 23 through July 6. The other adds a fireworks clause to the social host ordinance.

"It was pretty publicized before last night, so pretty much everyone in the community knew what the ordinance was," Tinseth said.

City officials said the goal of the ordinances is to make sure everyone has a safe celebration.