Eugene moms offer advice to British royals

EUGENE, Ore. - When the announcement came that the Great Kate Wait was over, the news of the baby prince spread both via the traditional Royal Crier and social media like Twitter.

The buzz made it all the way to mothers in eugene, who were all smiles when asked to give some parenting advice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

"Enjoy the quiet moments," said Maggie Colletti, a mom of two. "There aren't too many as a new mom. Whatever moments she gets to be a family with her husband and her baby, I'd say good luck."

Mothers playing with their children at Skinner Butte Park said it's not a clich: Kate and William really should savor every moment.

"Even the tantrums," said Rebecca Gores. "It goes so fast."

Kami Hendrix with the Moms Club of Eugene said royalty or not, Kate faces new challenges in life.

"It's hard being a super mom," she said.

Colletti agreed.

"There's always pressures on new moms," she said.

The mother of 2 - with a third on the way - said everyone will have an opinion for the new parents on the "right way" to raise a child.

Her advice?

"As long as you follow your gut," she said, "you have a good thing going on."