Eugene girl wins national dance competition: 'Dreams are achievable'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- The 13 years of hard work put in by a teenager from Eugene set her apart in a nationwide dance competition.

      Of the thousands of dance videos uploaded to MTV's website, the Aquafina beverage company chose 15-year-old Liz Scurto's submission.

      "One day I was watching MTV and a commercial came on about the contest and I was like 'I have to enter in this'. So, I went upstairs and I put together a little video of me dancing," said Scurto.

      Her prize includes a trip to the MTV Video Music Awards and a feature in three Aquafina commercials.

      The South Eugene High School sophomore said she's been dancing since she was two years old.
      The Aquafina "Make-a-Splash" contest asked contestants to create a one minute video of themselves dancing.

      "I do ballet, hip hop, ballroom, contemporary, tap and have a background in gymnastics," Scurto said in her contest video.

      A week went by before Liz said, "my phone rang with a random number, so I answered it. They said 'I'm calling with Aquafina Flavor Splash about the contest', and I was like right away, 'Oh my gosh, I actually might have won this thing'."

      Two weeks later Scurto boarded a plane with her mother, Molly, headed to Los Angeles.

      She got to go behind the scenes with Fetima Robertson, a famed dance choreographer who's worked with Michael Jackson and Prince.

      Scurto says Aquafina capped the weekend with three commercial shoots and a night at the VMAs.

      "My dreams are achievable in dancing, and I think this is a good place to start," said Scurto.