Eugene girl seen in 'tween magazine

EUGENE, Ore. -- A local middle-schooler has turned cover girl when she graced the cover of a national magazine for 'tweens.

Jenny Bryant, a student at Roosevelt Middle School, represented girls her age as a model in a national magazine called Discovery Girls.

Hannah Engom, 12 of Albany, appeared next to Bryant on the cover of February's Discovery Girls.

The magazine is created by girls-for girls with a target demographic between the ages of eight and about 14.

Discovery Girls gives young girls advice, tells stories, and offers quizzes.

Bryant said the magazine is all about finding yourself. She said the experience has helped her set some goals for her life.

"I really want to become an interior designer. I also hope I can model some time again," Bryant said.

Bryant was chosen by the magazine after entering a contest to be in the Oregon edition of the magazine, which is on news stands now.