Eugene Generals watch USA compete in Sochi: 'It inspires me'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Eugene Generals were glued to the TV at the Lane Events Center Friday, cheering on USA as they faced Canada in the Olympic Games.

While team USA took a hit in the match-up, the Generals are still motivated.

Trevor Bowden says watching the teams compete gets them fired up to get on the ice.

"Watching the NHL and Olympic hockey always gets anyone who plays hockey amped up to play," said Bowden.

"It's a pretty cool feeling just to know there's guys out there playing for you and playing for the country," added teammate Evan Carter. "It inspires me. It makes me want to work harder because that's the ultimate goal in my career, to make it to the Olympics." Carter said it's a goal shared by many of the Eugene Generals.

"I mean, it's every kids dream to play in the Olympics," said Connor Boernlein. "So watching it gives you a little bit of hope and hopefully work hard and see what happens."

Team general manager Flint Doungchak said his Generals are putting in the extra hours to achieve their goals.

"Probably anywhere between 12 and 13 hours of practice a week. Plus six hours of games - two to three games a week," said Doungchak.

He said Hockey is a game that teaches discipline and perseverance, because reaching your goals takes practice and passion.

"To be a good hockey player you have to love the game first," Flint said. "And all team sports really, not just hockey really help develop young kids."

He said only five percent of hockey players ever play at a professional level, but it's always good to dream big and work even harder.