Eugene Celebration 2014 canceled

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene Celebration 2014 has been canceled, a victim of the event and its namesake's success, organizers said.

The event had been planned for August 22 to August 24.

Kesey Enterprises said the 2013 event met with unprecedented success.

At the same time, downtown revitalization has left less space to close down streets and hold an outdoor event.

"Hands down, Eugene Celebration 2013 surpassed the successes of past years when we consider our attendance, the caliber and diversity of performers and favorable feedback from the community," said Kit Kesey. "Downtown's growth gained more momentum during this past year than most of uscould have imagined. This resurgence requires us to modify key features of Eugene Celebration. For instance, the empty lots and vacant storefronts that blighted downtown for many years provided essential staging, logistics, and venue space for countless Eugene Celebrations. Today, impressive new structures, such as LCC's Downtown Campus and the new Commerce Building, have replaced these urban blank spots. We have simply run out of space to produce the Eugene Celebration at the size it has become, in the space that is now available."

Kesey said his company remains committed to Eugene Celebration 2015.

Eugene Celebration started in 1983 as a project of the City of Eugene.

A nonprofit called Downtown Events Management took over in 1998. In 2008, DEMI contracted with Kesey Enterprises to run the Celebration. In 2013, Kesey Enterprises independently produced the Celebration.

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