Eugene celebrates Earth Day early at River Edge Plaza

EUGENE, Ore. -- While Earth Day is coming up on Monday, Eugene celebrated the holiday early on Saturday afternoon at EWEB's River Edge Plaza.

Hundreds filled the plaza, enjoying the sunny weather and the dozens of information booths that offered lessons on sustainable living.

Heading up the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, was Sally Markos. LRAPA was gave out free emissions tests for vehicles to celebrate Earth Day.

"Keeping a car tuned up and properly serviced really reduces the emissions and also saves money on gas," said Markos.

Also on-hand were the helpful staff of EWEB, doling out tips on going green in your home. Kirsten Langham, and EWEB Marketing Analyst said that making strides toward sustainable living doesn't always have to be a lifestyle change.

"There are a lot of opportunities like a new heat system and weatherizing your home, lots of bigger projects, but there are also small steps people can take like changing out their light bulbs," Langham said.

The green thumbs also got their change to celebrate in Eugene's tribute to nature, as there was a plant show and sale held nearby the plaza on 4th Street.