Eugene boy earns BMX national title

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EUGENE, Ore. - Eleven-year-old Josh Loesch fearlessly speeds his BMX bike around the track at the Lane County Fairgrounds almost every weekend.

"I just like the feeling of going fast through the air," Loesch said.

Loesch has been BMX racing for the last 4 years. He gets faster with each trip around the track.

"They call me 'the Jet' because I"m fast," Loesch said.

His fast pace landed him a spot at the Grands, a national BMX competition in Oklahoma.

"There are like 8 people in the gate next to you and you're about 2 inches from them," Loesch said.

The experience was much more intense than what he is used to.

"You try to not to crash when someone is like 2 inches away from you," Loesch said.

He came in 3rd in the Grands main competition. The title makes him the 3rd fastest BMX rider in the country within his age group.

"It felt awesome," Loesch said. "My dad was must like screaming at me and really happy."

The BMX racer said if there's one thing he's learned, it is to never give up when it comes to racing toward your dream.

"I've been doing this 4 years," Loesch said. "It amazes me and my family.

Loesch said plans to keep working toward a 1st place win at the Grands. His long term goal is to ride in the Olympics.