Eugene Bike Share will launch this fall

The Eugene Bike Share program is expected to begin in fall of 2017. The public will be allowed to rent the bikes for short rides around the city. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – The City of Eugene is taking new steps toward making the area more eco-friendly.

People gathered at the Broadway Commerce Center Monday night to learn about a new transportation program. Eugene Bike Share is coming this fall.

The program allows people to rent a bicycle for short trips throughout the city that might otherwise be made by bus or car.

The Eugene system will have 35 stations with a total of 300 bikes.

“We'd also like to replace some car trips with bike trips and we know that some people don't want to place their personal bike downtown because they're afraid of theft. So if we have bike share here and we're taking care of all of the bikes and we're assuming all of the risk, then hopefully more people are going to want to ride bikes,” said Read Dunbar, transportation planner for the City of Eugene.

Social Bicycles is in charge of Eugene Bike Share.

They’re currently mapping potential locations for the new bike stations in Eugene.

Social Bicycles is currently operating in 18 locations in North America including the recently launched BikeTown in Portland.

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