Eugene Airport to expand in the future

Expansion plans released for Eugene Airport.

EUGENE, Ore. - For the first time ever, the Eugene Airport is expecting to see more than a million travelers in a year.

Due to the rising demand, airport officials are looking at improvements and expansions for the future.

There are a lot of possibilities for expansions, and airport officials are actually getting feedback from the community on things like parking and terminal access.

The airport is planning long-term because they're expecting to get even busier as time goes on.

Many flyers like the Eugene Airport for its calmness and convenience.

Airport officials say that those reasons are exactly why the airport continues to grow. People are starting to choose the Eugene Airport of PDX, and the proximity to two major universities is very convenient for travelers.

This year, the airport expects to surpass the one million passengers mark, a seven-percent uptick from last year. So officials are looking at a master plan of expansion projects to keep up with demand.

"It looks at terminal capacity - it looks at airfield capacity. It take into account how people will be arriving to our airport and going through ticketing processes and all of that," said Cathryn Stephens, Assistant Airport Director.

They're looking at extra parking and improved traffic flow, as well as more room for planes, and a whole new terminal down the road.

Through all of the changes, the frequent flyers in Eugene have just one request:

Try to keep the airport calm and convenient.

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