Eugene Airport serves record crowd before Thanksgiving

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EUGENE, Ore. - Over the hills and through the - scratch that: More like down the freeway and through the airport, Thanksgiving travelers go.

"Today was our busiest day with more than 1,700 passengers departing from our airport. We probably assume that just as many would come into our airport as well," said Eugene Airport deputy director Cathryn Stephens.

Flights were on time and lines were relatively short at the Eugene Airport Wednesday.

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"No delays, a little bit of a line for the TSA and that was it," said traveler Kathy Thompson.

Thompson and her family flew in from Los Angeles Wednesday morning to spend time with her daughter who attend the University of Oregon.

"We're gonna have thanksgiving at my house this year for the first time away from home," said daughter Emma Thompson.

More flight options, including new Allegiant air service to Palm Springs and Honolulu, means more passengers on days like this.

"Our top destinations are San Francisco, Las Vegas, Oakland," said Stephens. "About five years ago we only retained 52 percent of our passengers in our local area using our local airport. Now we're up to 60 percent."

She said if you plan on flying on Thanksgiving, it should be relatively quiet, but there's still some things you can do to make your trip smooth.

"If you can print your boarding pass at home, that really helps streamline the process, especially if you only have a carry-on. With your boarding pass you can go straight through the security checkpoint."

Stephens said both Saturday and Sunday will be busy so if you're traveling on one of those days, you're going to want to pack your patience.