Electon Day in Oregon - for some of us

EUGENE, Ore. - It's Election Day in Oregon.

For some of us.

There are no statewide issues on the November 2013 ballot, so not all voters got a ballot for this election.

There are no issues on the ballot in Coos or Douglas counties, for example.

And only Springfield and Junction City school patrons, as well as River Road Park and Recreation District residents, got ballots in Lane County.

In this election, many cities, counties, school districts and other municipal entities are asking voters to weigh in on renewing existing taxes - or adopting new ones.

For example, the City of Albany is asking voters to approve a measure to fund construction of new police and fire department facilities. If approved, the tax would take effect an existing property tax measure expires.

Ballots are due to a drop box by 8 p.m. Tuesday. Check with your county election office for drop box locations. Lane | Linn | Benton | Curry

If you believe you should have received a ballot, contact your county election office before the end of the day.

Lane County | Election Website

Measure 20-217 River Road Park & Recreation District
Five-year Renewal of Local Option Tax for General Operations

Measure 20-218 Junction City School District #69
Junction City School District Bond Measure

Measure 20-219 Springfield School District #19
Springfield School Bond to Upgrade Schools, Replace Hamlin Middle School

Curry County | Election Website

8-72 City of Port Orford Local Option Tax Levy for Funding Port Orford Police Department

8-73 Curry County Law Enforcement Three Year Operating Levy

8-74 Curry Health District
Replace aging Gold Beach hospital and improve Port Orford clinic

8-75 City of Gold Beach Seven Year Capital Projects Local Option

Benton County | Election Website

City of Albany
22-121 City of Albany General Obligation Bond Authorization

City of Corvallis
02-86 Livability, Public Safety and City Services Local Option Tax Levy

City of Corvallis
02-87 Proposed 49th Street Annexation

Country Estates Road District
02-85 Five Year Local Option Tax Levy for Operations

Linn County | Election Website

City of Albany

22-121 City of Albany General Obligation Bond

City of Lyons

22-122 Four-Year Local Option Levy for Law Enforcement Services

Lyons Rural Fire Protection District

22-120 Lyons Rural Fire Protection District General Obligation Bond Authorization