Egan Warming Centers open on Sunday

EUGENE, Ore. -- The warming centers in Eugene and Cottage Grove are opening their doors to the homeless community on Sunday as temperatures are expected to drop below 30 degrees at night.

Center officials said that they anticipate keeping the center open on Monday as well.

The five Egan Warming Centers in Eugene confirmed that they will open through Sunday.

Those working the shelter beds at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Cottage Grove are also standing by for Monday, as the forecast remains in the upper 20's at night for the coming days.

Volunteers arrive at the centers at around 4:30 p.m. to prepare for visitors. By that time some centers have a line of people making sure that they have a place to sleep in the limited number of beds.

Charley Harvey with St. Vincent de Paul said that they are seeing more and more homeless people as the winter progresses, saying that they are in desperate need of volunteers.

"Every night we see more and more people and also it is getting harder and harder for the volunteers we have," said Harvey. "We really encourage people, if they would like to volunteer. We have orientations coming this Thursday evening and Saturday morning."

The warming centers encourage patrons to visit the First Christian Church, where shuttles are available to drive people to the different warming centers.

Lane Transit District buses will provide free rides to the Egan Warming Centers when they are activated.