Dueling decor: Must be Civil War game day

EUGENE, Ore. - It's that special time of year when all the decorations are going up.

Not the Christmas kind, though.

We're talking green and yellow, and black and orange.

It's business offices divided for the 117Th Civil War game--Oregon versus Oregon State.
At Imperial Floors the decorations are up, the one liners are flying...and Patti Bailey is dressed for success.

"Oh wait--you have to see the whole, the whole effect," chuckles Bailey as she rolls up her pant legs to reveal very colorful, striped OSU socks.

Beaver hosiery at its finest, but she is the only one here decked out in OSU orange.

KVAL's Tom Adams asked, "Have you tried to pull a few innocent pranks, shall we say?" Bailey laughs and says, "No--I'm too outnumbered."

Co-worker at Imperial, Cindy Ryan, says this years' kidding and joking is milder than in the past.
"Probably the best thing was when somebody hung up the Beaver stuffed animal and hung it by the neck," recalls Ryan.

The witty bantering back and forth and the dueling mascots are all part of the Civil War office atmosphere this week--all of it of course, done in fun.

Down the road at National Fire Fighter Corporation you can see dueling helmet paint jobs in the front window.

But resident OSU fan Pam Worden has a complaint to register. "This year, the powers that be made the Beaver helmet a little smaller." This as a co-worker named David yelled out
proudly, "Go Ducks."

Obviously, the office is not the only place to find split fan loyalties.

At the Good Times bar, you had your band of brothers and in-laws. Oregon State fan Cam Crenshaw told KVAL, "The trash talking begins about October--texts pretty much every day."

Cam's brother in law, Dan Perez, says pranks come with the territory, all year.

"The voodoo dolls--hung the voodoo dolls, hanging from their tent in the middle of the morning," Perez recalls from a past camping trip.

They've met at the bar every Civil War clash for the past 15 years. Proving again that Civil War repartee is never in short supply.