Duck and Beaver fans keep it friendly

EUGENE, Ore. -- As tailgaters proved, just because some wear green and others wear orange doesn't mean everyone can't enjoy the day together.

David Renton and Dan Harmond have been tailgating at Civil War games together for 32 years. Renton went to the University of Oregon and Harmond went to Oregon State University. They met in dental school at Oregon Health Science University and their tailgating group has grown significantly over the years.

"We started off with a bunch of college friends, then we added a dental crew, then friends, work people. And it's grown into a monstrosity that we cant control," said Harmond.

Friendly rivalries were found all around town, including two fans who are dating: Andrew Spiek is a Duck fan and Jessica Maynard is a Beaver fan.

So, how does that work?

"Serious tension," Spiek said jokingly.

Sometimes, families themselves are split; Pete Collins and his stepfather Dan Fraser cheer for different teams. Collins went to the University of Oregon and Fraser is an Oregon State fan.

"We're all from Oregon...State!" laughed Fraser.

"It's not really a rivalry when the other team never wins," Collins said.