Driver survives crash off cliff into Umpqua River

ROSEBURG, Ore. - A woman survived her car crashing off a 30-foot cliff and landing upsidedown in the Umpqua River, firefighters said.

The driver was able to free herself from the wreckage and climb back up to the road. She was waiting in a bystander's car when firefighters arrived.

The crash happened around 7:30 a.m. on Melqua Road, acorss from River Forks Park in Roseburg.

A VW Beetle went off the edge of the road and fell 30 feet down to the river and landed upsidedown in the rapidly flowing Umpqua River.

The driver was treated by paramedics for non-life threatening injuries on scene and transported to Mercy Medical Center for further evaluation, firefighters said.

The sheriff's office is investigating the crash.

The car was completely submerged and a sheen of fuel and fluids escaping from it could be seen on the water surface, firefighters said.

The Regional Hazardous Materials Team was called in to contain the spill. A tow company responded to pull the car from the water.