Driver loses control and smashes into dance studio

PORTLAND, Ore. - An out of control driver smashed into a building in North Portland on Friday morning.

The crash happened at the Yeates Dance Academy at the corner of N. Interstate and Skidmore. The car ran through the front of the studio around 2:45 a.m., taking out a tree, wall and windows along the way.

Richard DeWolf, the owner of the studio, first heard about the crash when he got a call from his alarm company saying a motion alarm had been triggered. Thinking it was likely a false alarm, DeWolf went to check it out.

He arrived to find a car inside of his business. When he called his wife to explain what happened, she hardly believed what she was hearing.

"I thought it was an early morning exaggeration, but if anything he was under describing the damage," said Anne DeWolf.

"I can definitely see the 'it can be fixed' part, but I didnt need another project on my plate," Richard said.

The driver was hurt but was up and walking around after the crash. Nobody was inside of the building at the time.

It's not clear how the driver lost control and hit the building, although the Richard DeWolf said he heard the driver tell police he had been drinking.

We are still waiting to hear from police if the driver will face any criminal charges.

Salvage crews were on the scene Friday morning cleaning up the glass and other debris.

Steve Nims sends his two daughters to dance class in the studio. He was surprised to see the extent of the damage on Friday morning.

"This is a fluke accident on a real busy street," he said. "I feel very safe having my daughters here."

The dance studio before the crash:

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