Drain honors historic Black Sox 1958 national championship with new plaque

Drain honored its former semi-pro team the Black Sox Saturday, May 13, 2017. The team won the 1958 national championship. (SBG photo)

DRAIN, Ore. – The North Douglas High School baseball team played its last game of the season Saturday, and they went out with a bang.

The team wore vintage uniforms to honor the players of the 1958 national championship semi-pro team, the Drain Black Sox. They had the opportunity to meet some of the original players.

“We were this little town. We were going to a national tournament and it was national with big league ball players and everything,” said Dan Luby, a former Black Sox player. “We won seven straight games. We were never the favorite in any game that we won, and basically we thought we were just going back there and play a few ball games and come home. Well we came home as champions.”

A retired North Douglas High School teacher, coach, and principal is proud of the 1958 win. But he realized nothing had ever been done to congratulate the team.

“We had no markers on the field or anything to show that they actually had even been here,” said Robert Burres, Black Sox ceremony co-organizer.

He arranged for a permanent plaque on the North Douglas High School baseball field to honor the Black Sox for their accomplishments.

Burres said the Black Sox went to the national championships at least four times, but only won once.

“Oh the plaque is beautiful. What a turnout. I'm just amazed that they would even think of us going back that far. It's been a lot of years,” said Irv Roth, former Black Sox catcher.

Current North Douglas High baseball players wore vintage uniforms to honor the Black Sox.

They invited the originals on the field who proved they still got it.

In addition to the plaque at North Douglas High School, a sign was installed at center field that tells about the 1958 championship game.

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