Dozens arrested by Party Patrol near Oregon campus

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene Police contacted 90 people while on Party Patrol near the University of Oregon on Friday and Saturday.

Officers arrested or cited 58 people. Another 32 received warnings.

Police called attention to alcohol-fueled crime in the area last week after making 30 arrests on Thursday and Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

Eugene Police had urged residents to take responsibility for social gatherings and made it clear that officers would again be in the neighborhoods West and South of the University.

The City of Eugene in 2013 adopted an Unruly Gathering ordinance to hold individuals and property owners accountable for unruly events or social gatherings.

The ordinance applies anywhere in Eugene when alcohol is served or consumed.

The ordinance applies when 2 or more violations occur involving alcohol, assault, noise, littering, criminal mischief and other crimes.