Downtown Athletic Club hires and fires notorious con man

The Downtown Athletic Club hired and fired notorious conman Carlo DiMaria, formally known as Fred Brito. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore.- Does the name Fred Brito ring a bell?

He's been on programs like Dateline NBC, and according to the news program, he's a con artist who wormed his way into several high-profile careers. KVAL learned one of those jobs was at Eugene's own Downtown Athletic Club.

Dateline NBC says Fred Brito made a name for himself crafting different identities, lying on his resume and taking high profile jobs. All of these factor into his brief stint at the DAC. But at the DAC, Fred Brito wasn't Fred Brito; he was Carlo DiMaria.

A employee of the Downtown Athletic Club reached out to KVAL to tell us more about the situation. Our source wants to remain anonymous.

He told us the general manager, Carlo DiMaria, was poised and professional. He could speak easily off the cuff and was described as almost a motivational speaker.

"He was extremely, extremely polished, and he had kind of come up with a five point plan," our source said.

He was nice, too.

"Always friendly, holding the door for guests when they would come in to the establishment," our source said. "I mean, I was just blown away when I found out about him not being who he said he was."

Eugene Police say DiMaria also went by another name in the past, that would be Fred Brito. He's a man NBC Dateline calls, "The Ultimate Con Artist". They say he's been arrested for forgery and embezzlement, and changes names as he takes jobs.

Our source says the DAC hired Brito/DiMaria around the end of April or early May. While working at the Club, he used the names Carlo DiMaria and Giancarlo DiMaria. Our source says Brito claimed he had 20 years of hotel management experience. According to Dateline NBC, he did not have that work experience.

Once the DAC realized he lied about his resume, they fired him and sent a memo to their members with the news.

No mention of his true identity, however.

"That's all I know, I was just extremely shocked when I found out who he was and then when I looked him up, I was like, holy cow, that's the guy!" our source said.

Eugene Police were able to confirm that Carlo DiMaria was Fred Brito when they pulled him over for a traffic citation on Saturday, July 30. He wasn't cited, but police say he did reveal that he legally changed his name from Fred Brito to Carlo DiMaria.

KVAL tried to contact the Downtown Athletic Club multiple times via phone, email and in-person meetings. However, the current DAC general manager is on vacation, and we were refused a comment when we visited the administrative offices in downtown Eugene.

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