Donor replaces custom bike stolen from teen with disabilty

EUGENE, Ore. -- A disabled teen's custom-built bike was stolen from outside his Corvallis home a month ago while he and his family were asleep.

Matthew Blum has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a tissue disorder that makes movement difficult. Biking with his brother is difficult without a specialized ride.

"I take it to rice's and in the summer I usually ride it in the CHS parking lot with my brother Christopher, but now I can't do those things anymore," said Blum.

After spending the first part of summer stuck on the sidewalk, Matthew's rubber met the road on Saturday.

Back in June a thief cut the lock off of Matthew's bike that was fitted with special balance wheels.

Matthew said his bike gave him the freedom that kids his age usually experience when taking to the road on a set of two wheels.

After seeing Matthew's story air in June, someone called Collins Cycle Shop in downtown Eugene and anonymously donated over $800 for a new bike.

A couple weeks ago, Jay Loew of Collins called Matthew into the shop to get measured for a new bike.

"I don't know that the person wants to be named, but I want to say thank you on behalf of the Blum family and also Collins Cycle Shop. That was a great testament of generosity," said Loew.

Now equipped with a stronger lock, the Blums plan to keep Matthew's bike in a safer place.

"I'm happy and excited because I can do the stuff I used to do on my other bike and I'd like to thank the government worker who purchased this bike for me because it means a lot to me," said Blum.