Dog rescued after stuck on ledge for three days

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - Chico the pit bull was rescued Wednesday and is safe and sound after being stuck on a ledge above the Clackamas River for three days.

Chico wandered off his owner's property and she couldn't track him down. Then on Wednesday, Kathleen Smith heard him barking and found him down a steep embankment.

"I thought I lost him, and I was just clapping my hands and whistling, and I could hear him barking," Smith said. "It echoes around the river, but I went down and sure enough he was down there right on the ledge."

Smith did the smart thing. Instead of trying to reach Chico herself, she called in the pros. A Clackamas firefighter rappelled down to Chico, gave him some treats and then lowered him to firefighters in a boat.

Other than being hungry and scared, Chico is OK.