Documents detail how violent sex offender dropped off radar

PORTLAND, Ore. - Dozens of unreleased documents obtained by KATU News late Thursday detail how everyone lost track of a violent sex offender.

Adam Brown was convicted last month of sexually assaulting and stabbing a 10-year-old boy inside a Northeast Portland Wendy's restaurant in July.

Six months before the attack a man from Illinois, Steve Bates, contacted parole officers worried about what Brown would do.

The KATU On Your Side Investigators started looking into potential missteps in the Brown case after Bates, an old Marine friend of Brown, contacted KATU.

"I said this guy, he's going to hurt somebody. Trust me, he's going to hurt somebody. He called me at one time before, turned around and did what he did and he's doing it again, and I guarantee he's going to hurt somebody," Bates told KATU's Anna Canzano by phone.

According to the documents, Bates called Brown's probation officer Jan. 7 to say Brown left a disturbing message. The probation officer called Bates back two days later and wrote down Brown was drunk when he called in the middle of the night.

She contacted local authorities who said there didn't appear to be a real threat. The probation officer called around to find out exactly where Brown was and his current state of mind.

The next week she wrote Brown was under arrest in Coos County and charged with stealing mail.

The probation officer worked with Brown in jail for the next three months, focusing on his mental health status. There was no mention in the documents about Bates' original concern.

Brown was placed in a facility to help him re-enter society and find housing. But on April 13 Brown's parole officer noted she was worried about Brown's mental state.

Four days later Brown was found defecating on the walls. He was moved to another facility.

On May 29 Brown was checked into the VA Hospital for treatment.

At some point in the next week and a half, Brown left the hospital. His probation officer discovered he was gone June 8. But the probation officer wrote she couldn't get an answer of when he checked out.

The next week she asked for a warrant for his arrest.

Then two weeks later, Brown's probation officer noted that the warrant wasn't completely entered into the system and no agencies were actively looking for him.

Three days later Brown was arrested at the Northeast Portland Wendy's after attacking a boy in the bathroom.