Do you drive? Bike? Walk? Your input wanted on interactive map

Press release from Lane County

Lane County has launched a new, interactive map for residents to provide feedback about transportation needs and concerns. This feedback will help prioritize improvements to the transportation system over the next 20 years for people traveling by bike, foot, car, truck, and other modes. The map is part of the update process for Lane County's Transportation System Plan, which guides the management and investment in the County's transportation infrastructure.

"We want to get feedback from transportation users, including drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. This interactive map lets community members give us specific feedback we can use and incorporate into the transportation system plan," said Lane County Transportation Planner Sarah Wilkinson. "The feedback we get is critical for helping us identify areas where we need to make improvements."

Residents can access the map at and click on "Interactive Map" on the left navigation bar.

The current Lane County Transportation System Plan was adopted in 2004 and provides guidance through 2020.

Lane County is updating its plan to identify transportation improvements needed through the year 2036. The updated plan will provide guidance for planning and managing Lane County's transportation system in terms of coordination with new development, targeted transportation improvements, fiscal management, and cooperation with local and state agencies on transportation issues. The plan will address all major transportation facilities (highways, arterial and collector roads) and all transportation modes (air, auto, bike, freight, pedestrian, pipelines, port, rail, transit, and freight).