District denies $1 bid for old school building

NOTI, Ore. -- The Fern Ridge School District denied a bid from the Noti Community Center to buy the town's old elementary school building and property for a dollar, the superintendent said.

While the school building's classrooms have been closed to students for years, the classrooms are being used by the Noti Community Center.
Noti Community Center put in a request-for-proposal to buy the building and property for $1, but district superintendent Dennis Friedrich said the district turned the offer down.
"We have no idea what its worth," Friedrich told KVAL's Ty Steele over the phone on Friday. "If you were to go and buy a car on the lot, you would want to know what it's worth right?"
Center president Leontine A. Winters Krohn said the nonprofit has been using the space temporarily but wants to make the location permanent.
The Fern Ridge School District hired Cushman & Wakefield, a land broker and investment specialist, to perform a marketing position study.
Friedrich said the district contracted the job for three reasons: to assess the value of the entire property, to map out the best possible uses and to develop a marketing strategy for the future.
the district will hold a public meeting to explain what the study finds at Elmira High School on January 22 at 7:00 p.m.
Friedrich said the Noti Community Center will be allowed to continue using the property until they decide on another option.