Did jealousy lead to road rage?

EUGENE, Ore. -- Did jealousy lead to road rage?

A Eugene woman now says her husband tried to kill her, too, in an incident police call intentional hit-and-run.

Court documents detail what allegedly happened the night of March 14, 2012, when Eugene Police say Francisco Ochoa tried to murder two people and killed a dog by driving his truck up on the sidewalk.

Ochoa's wife told police she was working out with her friend at Gold's Gym off Delta Highway before the incident. When they walked out, she told police Ochoa was waiting for her in the parking lot and yelled, "What the {<}expletive{>} are you doing?" and that their marriage was over.

Court documents say Ochoa's wife then got in a car to drive her friend home, and that Ochoa repeatedly called her as she drove.

Eugene Police say Ochoa's wife and her friend arrived at a house on Snelling Drive. Her friend got out, but his wife said Ochoa yelled at her through the phone, according to court documents.

"Watch me. I'm going to jail," she told police he said.

Police say Ochoa told his wife he was going to run over her friend with a car.

Her friend then walked out of his house with his dog. Ochoa's wife waved at him to warn him of Ochoa's threats, but it was too late.

That's when Ochoa's wife told police she saw her husband speed westbound down Snelling towards her friend, hit him and his dog, leaving these tire marks behind.

Her friend suffered non-life threatening injuries. The dog died. Ochoa ran off, police said.

Ochoa's wife told police she was almost hit, too. A week later, she filed a restraining order against him.

Francisco Ochoa is being held in the Lane County Jail, charged with two counts of attempted murder, hit and run and animal abuse. Bail has not been set.