Detectives find stolen guns, property at suspect's home after traffic stop

MULINO, Ore. - Police arrested a Mulino man on drugs and gun charges last week, leading investigators to a large cache of stolen firearms and more stolen property at his home, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said.

Investigators said the arrest helped them connect the suspect to several open theft and burglary cases.

It all started with a drug bust in Molalla last week. Deputies and police discovered a handgun, heroin and meth during a traffic stop. Police arrested Bryan Urban, 32, and took him to jail.

Investigators identified Urban as a suspected drug dealer they were investigating known only to them as "Swerve."

Detectives had received numerous tips that Swerve was dealing drugs in exchange for stolen items and guns in south Clackamas County, Sgt. Robert Wurpes said. During the same time, they were investigating a string of burglaries and thefts in the area.

Detectives found 17 firearms and a stockpile of stolen property in Urban's Mulino home, including a golf cart, mountain bikes, chainsaws and other items. The firearms included high-end rifles, shotguns and silencers.

Investigators have connected Urban with three burglaries, two felony thefts and two vehicle break-ins at this time.

Detectives are working to return the stolen items to their owners.