Despite teacher protest, Eugene plans new high school schedule

EUGENE, Ore. - Many teachers at Eugene high schools don't want a new class schedule to take effect, but the district plans to move ahead with the change next fall.

The debate is over the three trimester per year, five classes per day schedule that's been launched this year at Churchill High School. It's known as the 3 by 5 schedule.

The selling points include smaller class sizes and more time for teachers to work together.

While the schedule took effect last fall at Churchill, a majority of teachers at North, South and Sheldon signed a petition asking for a one year delay.

"They are a pilot school this year and I think there's a feeling that we should analyze how it's worked, what's worked, what hasn't worked," said Tad Shannon, president of the Eugene Education Association. The petition was signed by 91% of North teachers, 81% of Sheldon teachers and 74% of South High teachers.

Shannon said there are too many issues to work out.

At the Churchill campus, though, you get a different answer. Principal Kim Finch said except for a very large freshmen class, the overall trend for class sizes is down.

Class sizes range from the teens to 30 to 35, depending on the subject - and Finch said most teachers are on board.

"They saw students every other day at Churchill previously," Finch said.

Not so under the 3 by 5.

"They see students every day," she said. "They feel like the relationships have been stronger as a result of that."

Two Churchill students gave their reviews of the 3 X 5 schedule.

Grace Hargett says, "It's better credits, more credits but the timing," Grace Hargett said of time between classes to avoid a tardy slip, "the timing is really bad."

Uriah Dubey likes the change, adding, "We have the same classes every day so we get to see the same teachers daily," he said.