Deputies: 4 pickup loads of property left behind by protesters

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- The Douglas County Sheriff's office says they hauled away 4 pickup loads of items, including human waste, left behind by the White Castle Timber Sale protesters.

On Sunday, Sheriff's deputies removed the abandoned property and trash from BLM land about 14 miles out South Myrtle on White Rock Mountain.

The area was previously occupied by protesters of the sale.

Deputies say that the area had been left abandoned since about March 1.

They say they found abandoned tarps, rotting food, human waste and wooden platforms suspended from the trees by ropes.

Authorities say that due to the health and safety concerns, the abandoned items were collected and removed from the area.

The loads have been seized as evidence.

The people who left it behind could face offensive littering charges.

Officials say the case is still under investigation.