Deer in the road? Don't swerve!

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The chances of an Oregonian striking a deer is higher than in Washington and California.

It is, however, lower than the national average, but this time of year is the most dangerous for deer and vehicle collisions.

Wayne Merritt, a senior trooper with the Oregon State Police, says it's all about mating season. "What's happening now is with this cold trend, it triggers, I think, it's maybe a pre-rut going on right now. What happens is, these deer are starting to move, they're starting to come in so the bucks are starting to chase the does. So, when that happens, basically these animals just go," he said.

Merritt says that the rut season can last clear through December.

His advice: 'Just brake.' Merritt says do not swerve to try and miss the deer. "A lot of the crashes we have on the road have more damage done to their vehicles by trying to miss the deer than hitting the deer," he said.

For right now, drivers should be most cautious in the evenings and at dawn.