Death threats: 'I don't think any of them take it seriously'

BANDON, Ore. -- About a dozen parents attended the Bandon School Board meeting Monday night, hoping to get some answers about the handling of death threats made to students.

Police say a student at Ocean Crest Elementary gave death threats to multiple students for two months.

Authorities told KCBY News that a student had been passing death threats to other kids in notes from October to November of 2012.

According to police, they were not notified until a parent called a month after the alleged threats occurred.

The principal of the school, Elizabeth Olive, told KCBY News last week that the student was disciplined, and school staff and police will be talking to all the kids about how serious the issue was.

Two parents addressed the board members, asking why police and parents were not notified earlier.

The superintendent declined an on-camera interview, but a press release from the district says, "The school district appropriately handled student safety and discipline issues."

The release goes on to deny the threats lasting for two months, saying that they occurred over two days.

KCBY News has a call in to Bandon police to find out where the discrepancy lies between the time frame parents originally gave, and the district is denying.

Some parents at the meeting say they aren't satisfied. "I don't think they are taking this very seriously, I think this should have been the first topic of conversation in this meeting, not swimming pools, none of the other stuff," said Ocean Crest parent Kirk Frietag. "I don't think any of them take it seriously."

Frietag says he will continue to attend meetings, and he hopes more parents will too.