Dad: 'In the movie, no one looked. We have everyone looking for him'

RIDDLE, Ore. -- On the surface, David Croom describes his son John as happy-go-lucky.

But now David says his son may be hurting inside. "After reading text messages and talking to his ex-girlfriend, I think it's a broken heart," David said. "So, he's run off to try to fix it somehow."

John ventured to Washington to visit a friend, but is now missing. Authorities found his car found Jonathan Croom's abandoned SUV near Riddle on August 19.

They contacted the registered owner, David, after the car hadn't moved for two days, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said.

Croom says the survival film 'Into The Wild' may have had a role in his disappearance. "He liked to keep watching it, and he'd ask people to watch it with him and get their impressions," David said.

John's car was found parked next to berries, the fruit the film's protagonist ate.

David said he's trekked up and down the hills around the area, trying to find his son.

He says John is probably hurting emotionally and physically. "He even mentioned, 'If I would disappear, no one would even notice.'"

But they have.

Even if there were parallels with Into The Wild, Croom says the script is changing. "We're injecting ourselves into the story," he said. "In the movie, no one looked, but we have everyone looking for him."

Search crews spent Monday in Riddle searching for John.

Jonathan Croom is described as 6-foot-1, 140 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He may be in possession of a multi-colored backpack, the sheriff's office said.

If anyone has seen Jonathan Croom, you are asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Office at (541) 440-4471.