'Dad' in 'Datsun daughter' ad: 'If I didn't have a model, I would use my dog'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The whole idea with advertising, Kim Ridley says, is to get more people to look at your ad. That's why he used this skimpily dressed car model named Alexxa, to sell his 1977 Datsun 280Z. Note: Photos may not be suitable for all visitors.

Kim Ridley of Ridley's Rides, a used motorcycle dealership in Salem, received international attention for the eBay advertisement after responding to a potential buyer, claiming the model in the photos, Alexxa, was his daughter.

"I was just trying to put a couple of people in their place," Ridley said. "They made rude comments, you know."

Ridley said he thought if he tried to make the advertisement "more personal, more real," they would stop.

Instead, saying that Alexxa was his daughter got him a lot of unexpected attention.

KVAL News viewers weighed in on the photos online Wednesday. One viewer said, "Even pretending that he's showing off his daughter in her underwear is pretty sick."

"She's not my daughter. It's a friend. I've done cars and motorcycles for years and used models, and if I didn't have a model, I would use my dog in an ad." Ridley told KVAL News in an interview on Thursday.

When KVAL first called Ridley, he said he went along with it because he "thought it was kind of a kick."

He didn't think his sexy advertisement would spread across the Internet as rapidly as it did. When he got word that lots of people were upset with it, he started calling reporters back and telling them the truth.

"The U.S. is the only place that really gets excited about scantily clad photos of anybody." Ridley said.

He added that model Alexxa had clothes on, so there was nothing inappropriate about it in his mind.

"That's why I rolled with it," he said.

Ridley said everyone uses sex to sell. He referenced a new cheeseburger commercial that he says is more provocative than his ad.

For those who still think the photos are wrong, Ridley offered them a piece of insight on the most provocative photo in the collection.

"It's a shot exactly like they used in a James Bond poster several years ago," Ridley said.

KVAL News found the poster Ridley was referring to from the 1981 film "For Your Eyes Only."