Cyber Monday: 'I like it better because I don't like crowds'

EUGENE, Ore. -- While stores were packed full of Black Friday shoppers, many internet retailers expect to see their bandwidth stretched as Cyber Monday draws in even more buyers.

For Ardyn Wolfe, shopping is kind of like a sport. The avid online shopper told our news team what to look for when it comes to finding a good deal.

"I hate to admit it, but I'm a pretty big online shopper," Ardyn said. "I like it better because I don't like crowds. I can just shop in the comfort of my own home."

She isn't the only one who likes to browse deals from her couch.

Nielsen's holiday spending forecast found that nearly half of consumers surveyed said they would shop online on Cyber Monday, which is a 16 percent increase from last year.

Some retailers are supporting the online movement even as people came through their doors on Black Friday. Stores like Target started using apps and phone messages to reach more customers.

Shoppers like Shiloh Appel said they like the trend towards integrating online shopping.

"It makes it convenient. You get stuff in your mailbox every day from them or alerts - however you have your phone set up," said Appel

"It can be kind of dangerous," said Ardyn Wolfe. "You're lying down in bed, shopping from your phone."

Along with the dangers of overspending, Ardyn warns of the all too real hazards of buying through unverified websites.

Experts advise people pay with a credit card, and looking out for trustmarks or the https:// (http secured) lead on retailer websites. | Consumer Reports tips for safe online shopping