Curb Cancer: Fundraiser for Relay for Life

EUGENE, Ore. - Volunteers took to the streets of Eugene on Thursday evening to collect donations for cancer research.

The Curbing it to Beat Cancer fundraiser is part of the Eugene-Springfield Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society while celebrating cancer survivors and honoring the victims of the disease.

"The most amazing thing about relay for life is the sense of community," said Brenda Webber with the American Cancer Society. "Everybody gets together and starts talking about why they care about the fight against cancer. It's amazing the relationships that are built."

Since the 1940s, cancer survival rates have more than doubled. At the Willamette Valley Cancer Center, one survivor is doing her part to give back to the community.

"When I found out I had cancer, you get sort of a disconnect because you think this can't be for me, this wasn't in my plan," said survivor Shannon Taggart.

She volunteers her time at the center's boutique to help cancer patients feel beautiful both inside and out.

"But if you don't have that inside, that I'm going to beat this attitude, then it makes it really tough," Taggart said.

If you want to donate but can't make it to the corner of 18th and Oak between 4 and 6 Thursday evening, you can donate online.

The website is (which stands for Eugene, Springfield Relay For Life)

Click on "Donate"
Click on "Search for a team"
Type in "KVAL" and donate