Cross on memorial vandalized

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Someone apparently made their feelings known about the controversial cross on the memorial in a Coos Bay park by vandalizing it.

The cross sits atop a veteran's memorial in Mingus Park.

Officials with the Coos Bay Police Department told KCBY News that a city employee noticed the graffiti and reported it just before 10:30 am on Monday.

Police say someone wrote the word "Remove" on the cross, as well as the word "cut" with an arrow pointing to the base of the cross.

Police say it appears the writing may have been done with a black magic marker type pen.

The cross on the memorial was thrust into controversy when the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent Coos Bay City Manager Rodger Craddock a letter in March, telling him the city would be sued if the cross was not removed.

The memorial was donated and placed in the park in 1972 by Western Bank and the Bay Area Jaycees.

Coos Bay police say that as of Monday afternoon, there are no suspects in the case.

If you have any information regarding the person or people who vandalized the cross, Coos Bay police are asking you to call them at 541-269-8911.