Creswell Mayor: 'We'll be moving on through a difficult time'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A special City Council meeting was held at the Creswell VFW Hall on Saturday after two city councilors and an administrator left office earlier that week.

A routine Monday meeting was made everything but regular when administrator Mark Shrives, and councilors Mike Anderson and Jean McKittrick

The first order of business: electing Jamon Kent as a temporary administrator.

Kent has a three-month contract as interim city administrator, making the second time he has fulfilled the temporary position for Creswell. The council said it hopes to fill the position before Kent's fleeting stead as administrator expires.

After wrapping up in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, Mayor Dave Stram told KVAL that the meeting was productive.

"I am optimistic that we'll be moving on through a difficult time and things will work out," Stram said. "Our city will do well as well as we have done in the past."

The mayor remained silent about the resignations, but did mention that both councilors had been in a dispute over the site of a new weather station at the airport.

Both mayor Stram and the interim city administrator said they are looking toward the future of Creswell. Kent is already scheduling a commission meeting about making changes for the airport.

"We want to get the airport turned around. I believe that is what the council wants to do. But I will take my direction from the council and make sure we are working together on their plans," said Kent.

City council members also approved an advertising budget for the three open positions during Saturday's meeting. Mayor Stram said the city council will start working with a consultant as soon as all three positions are filled.

"To provide us with council training and guiding principles and working with the staff to establish goals for our community," said Stram.