Craigslist scammer targets woman for Civil War tickets

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A Springfield woman got much more than she bargained for when selling tickets to the Civil War football game on Craigslist.

Jacqueline Hagen said she was nearly the victim of a scam after she and her husband posted an ad for their Oregon/Oregon State tickets at $550 on Craigslist.

She soon got a text message with an offer from someone with a Mississippi area code, saying that a check was on the way.

Before the check arrived in the mail another text came in from the potential buyer, saying "We sent you the wrong check, Sorry--would you cash it and send us back the remainder?".

When the check arrived, Hagen found it was written for $2,450, which is $1,900 over the asking price for the Ducks/Beavers tickets.

"That's when I started getting suspicious," said Hagen. "Even the account number and the routing number are all ok - it just won't clear, because it's a fraudulent check."

Craigslist-related scams are almost always on the state's top ten list of scams in Oregon. Jacqueline said this one nearly cost her $2,000.

Hagen glad she made the extra calls to Hancock Bank (inscribed on the check) to confirm the check was phony. Increasingly rude texts from the scammer were also a tipoff.

"If this just saves one person their savings or their extra money or anything, then I feel better," Hagen said.

Hagen has forwarded her complaint to the Oregon Attorney General's Office. Officials there told KVAL News they have 34 complaints of scams connected to ads on Craigslist in 2013.