Cover Oregon: 'Unfortunately the people are the ones who suffer'

EUGENE, Ore. - Deanna Odham attended a Cover Oregon application fair in November.

A month later, she received a copy of her application.

Two months later, she's still without insurance.

"Here it is 2014 and I have not heard one word," Odham said. "It's scary. It's getting really scary."

So what now for applicants like Odham who've received nothing from Cover Oregon?

Independent insurance companies like Pacific Benefit Consultants in Eugene said there are other insurance options, and they can help expedite the Cover Oregon application through their online portal.

But their biggest piece of advice? Keep calling.

"Calling Cover Oregon to get the status of your application is great," said Shelli Anderson, an insurance consultant. "A lot of times, like your friend who's not heard, it's probably because there was something missing on her application."

But beware of potential scams. If Cover Oregon calls you requesting further information, check the caller's authenticity by asking questions specific to your application, like income and spousal information.

Also, try to be patient.

"I think we are obviously a little frustrated as well," Anderson said. "We deal with the panicked people who have no insurance. Maybe they're trying to get their children insured, and they have surgeries coming up. So we have really been peacemakers, I think, in trying to get people to calm down."

Meanwhile, Odham waits.

"It just trickles down to everyone," she said, "and unfortunately the people are the ones who suffer."