Court documents show Jessica Smith, Greg Smith both feared for children's safety

PORTLAND, Ore. - Greg Smith asked a judge for a custody review in late July, claiming his estranged wife's actions were "affecting the overall wellbeing of both our daughters."

Jessica Smith was arrested Sunday in connection with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Isabella, and attempted murder of her teenage daughter, Alana.

Greg Smith said in a declaration filed in Clark County Superior Court that Jessica Smith had sent him a barrage of texts in early July, and that 13-year-old daughter Alana had left him a "troublesome" voicemail he believed was instigated by Jessica.

"The language Alana used is not typical of someone her age and it sounds as though she is reading from something Jessica scripted," the declaration reads.

Smith said Alana texted "I can't sleep very well because I'm tormented by the thought of you in our lives," and "it's terrifying and cruel of you not to respect us."

Greg Smith asked for a bilateral custody evaluation in the July 21 filing.

Smith had filed for divorce from his wife on June 30. The two were married in 1996, but he said they never fully recovered from an affair she had in 2001.

"I still felt like I was an irritant to Jessica and everything was just difficult," the court documents read. " I think we just didn't trust each other anymore."

Greg Smith said he told her he wanted a divorce in November 2013, but he decided to continue living with her "for safety and financial reasons."

Smith said he told her on April 11 that he'd met somebody he thought of as "a good friend and more," and that she asked him to move out four days later.

She moved from Goldendale, Wash., to Vancouver two weeks after that.

Smith said she didn't allow him to see the girls after that, and that she only allowed his parents to see them on the condition that they not show him any photos of the girls afterward.

"My efforts to see the girls or communicate via phone calls have been thwarted or ignored," he wrote. "Jessica states that for the health of her and the girls, they don't want to see me.

"I just want to have a good way to communicate and work through this, while respecting her health and fragility, if it's indeed an issue."

On July 17, Jessica Smith filed for an order of protection against her husband, but a judge denied it. Ironically, Jessica Smith said repeatedly in the court documents that she felt her and her children's lives were at stake.

"We feel terrified for our lives because of his (Greg's) mental state," she wrote.

In the request, Jessica Smith said Greg Smith was "unable to accept his behavior is mentally and emotionally abusive, as well as life-threatening, traumatizing, and unsafe to be around any longer.

"When I attempt to communicate via text due to fear and manipulation, I am verbally (only) abused and told I'm invalid, and stupid, and I should communicate per his requested method, in spite of experiencing terror at having any contact.

Smith said his wife had texted him that she planned to move to Williams, Ore., where some of her family lives - a move he was trying to prevent.

"The girls need to be close to their daddy, and that's being stolen and pushed out of their lives," Greg Smith texted Jessica Smith when she told him she planned on moving.

Greg Smith also said he was concerned for the girls' safety.

"Mother plans to live near her family, yet her parents both abused her and her siblings growing up," Greg Smith claimed in a filing on July 1. "Father believes mother has suffered PTSD throughout her life based on those experiences and she left home at age 16 due to the situation."

Smith also told the court he was worried his wife would "abscond with the children" if she were allowed to leave the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

Court documents also show that Jessica Smith was supposed to drop off the girls Friday evening - the night before Isabella Smith was found dead.