Couple reunites with stolen cat: 'You can't make that stuff up'

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A Beaverton couple whose cat was stolen six months ago called her return "a miracle."

Patrick Gillett and Lisa Kinsley searched high and low for their cat, Niko, and said they never gave up hope. They went to the Bonnie L. Hayes Small Animal Shelter in Hillsboro, Ore. every day, hoping Niko had turned up.

"We did everything we possibly could to try and find her," said Kinsley. "We've had her nine years and we're real animal lovers, and so when somebody stole her it was very painful for us."

"We were traumatized," said Gillett.

A neighbor told the couple they saw two men pick Niko up and walk away.

They made flyers and searched for Niko every day.

Saturday, they went to the Bonnie L. Hayes shelter to fill out adoption forms for a new cat, when another animal-loving couple walked in with a pet carrier.

"They opened the pet carrier and there was Niko," said Kinsley.

"It was really shocking," said Gillett. "It almost didn't compute. You'd think you'd be excited and happy. I almost felt overwhelmed."

The couple who found Nico even took her to a vet and spent their own money to get her medicine.

"It was the most serendipitous thing that's ever happened at this shelter," said Animal Services Manager Deborah Wood.

Now Niko is back at home, like she never left.

"It's a real miracle, the synchronicity of that timing," said Kinsley. "You can't make that stuff up."