County jail sends nearly 70 inmates home for the holidays

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Lane County Jail released 68 inmates between Monday Dec. 17 and Sunday Dec. 23 because of a lack of funded cell space, the sheriff's office said.

Of the inmates released from the Lane County adult correctional facility, 22 were sentenced and serving out time for crimes ranging from theft, assault and possession of narcotics charges to unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful manufacturing of a credit card.

The other 46 inmates were defendants awaiting trial for sentencing on charges including harassment, identity theft, encouraging child sex abuse, strangulation, robbery and DUII.

Officials said that they left out some of the charges for the released pre-trial inmates.

The sheriff's office said that it is their mission to conserve peace. Officials said that they hope releasing this information will keep the public informed of potential safety issues.