Council unanimous in plan for Eugene City Hall

EUGENE, Ore. - A unanimous City Council voted 8-0 to invest $750,000 to come up with a plan to rehabilitate Eugene City Hall.

The council voted Wednesday in favor of a motion retaining the City Hall at the current location. The plan calls for keeping the central council chambers and as much parking, public art and other parts of the City Hall as possible.

The council had also enterained keeping the current building, entirely intact; or tearing down the entire building and starting new.

The project is expected to cost as much as $15 million.

Eugene City Hall has fallen into visible disrepair in recent years. A seismic audit by the state's department of geology also said the building had a high potential to collapse in the event of an earthquake.

Until the Eugene Police Department moved into office space across the river on Country Club Road, the department's crusiers were located in a garage on the bottom floor of the building. A major Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake could have caused the building to collapse on the police motor pool, according to state geologists.