Could spray help solve crimes?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Could spritzing your possessions with water today help solve a crime 5 years from now?

That's the idea in Fort Lauderdale, where the city police are embracing a technology called SmartWater.

The liquid leaves behind a special residue that appears under ultraviolet light.

The idea is to spray personal property with the substance. If the item is stolen and later recovered, the unique code in the fluid can be used to trace it back to the owner and connect the item with a reported crime.

Crime victims could also use the spray to spritz intruders to make it possible for police to identify that the person was at the scene of a crime.

The city's mayor is optimistic.

"And we're going it roll it out in Fort Lauderdale and let's see how successful we're going to be," Mayor Jack Seiler. "And I'll tell you how successful we're going to be: extremely."

The city is using SmartWater in one Fort Lauderdale neighborhood as part of pilot program.