Corvallis firm works with Rolls Royce on new nuclear reactor

CORVALLIS, Ore. - As NuScale Power works on a design for a new kind of nuclear reactor, Rolls Royce has partnered with the company to help develop the reactor.

"They have manufacturing expertise and design expertise and they are bringing to bear those resources to help us with the continued development of our plant," explained Michael McGough, chief commercial officer for NuScale Power.

And just like "Rolls Royce" conjures up images of luxury cars, the picture in your mind of a "nuclear reactor" with a giant dome or colling tower isn't what NuScale has in development.

The smaller - and, NuScale says, safer - reactors are in the simulation stage right now.

Rolls Royce will continue to help develop the project.

McGough said NuScale reactors aren't the only one's Rolls Royce has worked on.

"They actually have services and equipment installed in about 70 percent of nuclear power plants in the United States," he said.

NuScale is currently in the running for $226 million in matching funds from the Department of Energy. McGough believes having associates like Rolls Royce helps bolster their chances of getting those funds.